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You’ve probably seen or heard about the essential oil hype. Buncha hippies, right? I thought the same thing. I was actually gifted a starter kit by my husband’s ex-wife because she saw a need that I did not. I was interested and definitely believed in the company but could not see the value of what they added to a home. I did not see the importance of the support that they could provide. I initially only used them for physical benefits but the amazing truth of essential oils is their ability to address the mind, body, and spirit gracefully. I came to find that each one does so in many different ways. The proof of God’s provision in physical tools to help with our fears and worries and support physical wellness were in fact a ministry that shot straight to my heart.

By entering our physical bodies through our skin and nose, they can help our spiritual bodies awaken and our mental state be addressed. I found emotional oils to be my niche when I had three straight good days in a row and yet nothing else in my life had changed. Exactly how many good days had I not been able to see because my mind was in my way? Through prayer and Young Living essential oils, I was finally able to achieve a faith-full relationship with my I AM because I have eyes to see and ears to hear. Because I have help with my daily walk and security of my spirit in me, I have joy. Because I was able to reawaken my spirit, the static is gone. I can clearly see my purpose and heed God’s guidance. This book absolutely could not have happened without the help of Young Living oils. I believe in my Spirit. I believe in quality. I believe in research. I believe in testimonies. I believe in ground breakers who turned into world shakers. I believe in Young Living.

Friendship is only the first step in this walk. I believe that offering each other so much more than we are required is an investment that is stored up in Heaven. I love to share knowledge and resources with others to find the same freedom that I have. To join me on this Oil Awakening journey, read the perks below. Once you have completed your membership, you will have access to resources and education on exactly what both Biblical and modern science say Young Living essential oils can do. I welcome you to join me on this walk and cannot wait to send a welcome gift in the mail! I appreciate your trust in me and offer my encouragement in this walk to wellness! For more information on why I only recommend Young Living, please visit www.SeedToSeal.com or email OilyTeam@OilAwakening.com.

This is available for #OilAwakening team members ONLY! (pssst “team” means that you get the perks of being a part of something amazing and huge, not that you have to sell anything. Anywho…carry on.)


Now, bear with me. It will take more than a few words to explain what all Young Living offers. There are multiple sides to this perk, so please read all the way to the bottom. It’s a membership just like you use for groceries, except absolutely everything is guaranteed pure and safe.

When you join my team now, you get:
-(11) 5 ml (90 drops) emotional, mental and physically supporting oils -valued at $250.00
-Wholesale membership that gives you 24% off of all products
-Over 100 educational audio classes (over $4k in value)
-50+ video classes (over $2k value) on multiple body system function, scientific data, spiritual impact, lifestyle, everything
-Access to several private groups with great minds to access for personal or business who can’t wait to support each other’s wellness journey
-Business builders get gifts from me -oils, diffusers, t shirts, new products – for reaching reasonable goals  any resource you need to share your love & GROW!
-A series of gifts from me just for joining!
-PLUS a FREE diffuser with a retail value of $97!

•Don’t want a diffuser & all those oils, but want a chemical free home: Thieves Premium Starter Kit

•Worried about what products you’re putting IN your body: NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit

Options, OPTIONS for everyone and every lifestyle

MY TEAM ONLY gets an additional free 5 ml oil to add to their toolkit

Know what else my team gets? Access to my personal Facebook group where I have begun teaching I AM Rooted. This series is the foundation of my second book, but God has really opened my eyes to the value of teaching this to those within my reach now so that they can go forth and share also. It is totally duplicatable ministry because Our Father is duplicatable. It is such a blessing to be a part of such tremendous spiritual and personal growth and I want that for you, too! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. You are covered in prayer and have been from the moment I closed my first book. Every single reader and follower is touched by my heart every single day. Your home is important to me! I want to share resources and coaching and this journey with you and bless you ridiculously, but I need you on my team to make it happen. If this is you, click here, choose “Member,” and choose a diffuser with a Premium Starter Kit. You will receive an email from me with the links to my personal Facebook account to get you plugged in. I can’t wait to see you in Team Oil Awakening *eeeeeek!* Keep doing you, because YOU are loved!

Rebecca Gotte, Author of I AM Awakening

Young Living Oil Awakening Team Leader, Sponsor & Enroller Member #11496505

Questions: oilyteam@oilawakening.com