How long have you been in ministry?

That depends on how you define it. I have been actively seeking God my whole life, was saved when I was thirteen, and believed that I was doing Kingdom work for most of that time. I was, but it wasn’t to my fullest potential in Him. Oil Awakening is the name of my Young Living oils group of people I lead and coach, and that was established in March 2017, which is when I began openly sharing my journey and my faith.

What denomination are you?

I am not affiliated with any religion or institute. I attend and am endorsed by Our Savior’s Church in Jennings, Louisiana, a multi-campus non-denominational family of churches. My pastor is Pastor Josh Belt.

Where do you teach? 

I teach on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, as well as in person, at events or churches when invited.

Do I have to use oils to be a part of your audience?

Absolutely not. I truly believe in them as a help provided to us and that they are invaluable to my walk. They help me go places I don’t want to go, per se. There are certain things that I only teach to my group at the moment, but anything that I have out on the internet is me sharing my walk, not telling you how to walk yours. This help is absolutely available to you, but only if you feel that it would benefit you. Don’t ask me if I think you could use them because I personally think everyone can 😉 I will say that I would only suggest Young Living because of the intentions that go into every bottle, as well as the Seed to Seal process.

Why now?

I have learned that if something is on your heart and your spirit is yearning, now is the time. When I was able to get out of my own way, I saw astronomical growth in my personal, spiritual, and professional lives. I learned what Jesus really gave for me and how to hear the Holy Spirit. I was able to reach past the static and grab His hand and now, I’m just along for the ride. I speak in many Facebook groups and one on one and at public events. If this is something you are interested in, contact me!

How can I get your books?

I am the author of I AM Awakening, contributing author to Journeys to Success Volume 7, and have several more rolling around in my brain- the next publication being the Awakening Mini, coming in January 2018! I AM Awakening is the first in the Rooted Series. The next book, I AM Free, is coming in spring of 2018! Bulk orders of I AM Awakening and I AM Awakening Mini are available here. The Awakening worksheet is also available for free!

**Feel free to send in more questions and check back for updates!