Rebecca Gotte is a life-led writer living in south Louisiana with her husband and children. On any given day, she can be found herding children, sewing, reading, or writing. Rebecca enjoys sharing her discoveries with her followers and encouraging them on their walk. A stay at home wife and mother, she dabbles in different hobbies, but a love for the power of a written message runs deep. She is the author of I AM Awakening and is a contributing author in Journeys to Success: Volume 7.

Rebecca believes that there is a message intended for each of us, and the journey to find it is the most important one we can take. Having shared the weight of burdens and struggles with fellow women, Rebecca has shared her insight freely and saw a need for a public platform on which to compile it. She can be found as Kinda Crunchy Momma on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest or at OilAwakening.com with regular videos, blog entries, and her vlog, #MondayMinutes. She refuses to tweet- it’s for the birds.

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