Your Feelings Don’t Balance Scales

He never does anything nice for me- I do everything for him! Heck, he doesn’t even have to do anything extra- just do what he’s supposed to do and I’ll be happy.

I do and do and do for my friends but when I need help, they’re too busy for me.

I am forever helping my family, but no one is around when I need help.

Everyone calls me for advice but doesn’t take it. I don’t know why they insist on wasting my time.

I swear, I don’t know why my kids are acting like this. I can’t get a moment’s peace.

Did you ever notice that when you look at something that’s off-center, it never looks even? You can close one eye and then the other if you really want a trip. Remember when we discovered that as kids? We spent hours looking at things with one eye, then switch: left…right…left; we were fascinated with our self-education on perspective. Imagine a scale (because let’s face it, that’s what judgement is) but we forever favor one side (because that’s our side) so that’s the side we stick to. Now, who calibrates this scale? Who regulates it? The same one who favors one side? “Hmmm, that doesn’t look right to me? It looks a little off.” *grabs a friend and pulls them over to look at it* “How does this look to you? It’s off, huh?” JUSTIFIED. Cool.

Justified, but not calibrated.

A weak friend justifies. A strong friend measures. Are you the strong friend? That’s a whole other post.

Right now, we’re talking about you. Are you double checking and making sure you’re centered to be sure you’re looking at the scale fairly? I tumbled this around in my head for a while…ahem, like two weeks…after the first paragraph’s worth of thoughts had me so irritated that I got on my own nerves. Excuse me, I’m trying to be selfish here! I don’t need to be convicted about how many ways I feel victimized, thanks. Praise the Lord, the Holy Spirit doesn’t listen to my feelings. God tapped me on the shoulder and said, “If you stop thinking about what you’re owed and start thinking about what you owe, you can balance the scales.”













You know- all of those things that I would like to receive.

Nothing like a little conviction to reveal the seeds I’ve been planting- and which ones I haven’t been! If I’m going to be known by my fruits, I may want to pay attention to which seeds I grab before I just start tossing them around like confetti. If they’re already going to fall on some rocks, some thorns, and some will be bird feed, Lord please help me make sure that the most fertile soil gets your best seed.


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