Season of Thanks: Closing

Just like the plant opens and bursts free from the shell of the seed, sometimes that little seed stays stuck on the leaves. So as the plant grows and blooms, how irritating it must be to have that dang shell still hanging on to ONE leaf. If that ONE shell would let go, the plant would be perfect. But if we choose to step back and look at the whole plant, the beautiful growth with blooms and fruit that has come from the bursting and breaking free, that one shell is insignificant. 
Look at the beauty of the garden- that ONE shell still clinging in no way takes the sheer miracle of growth away! If anything, we can sit in amazement at how small that husk is in comparison to the whole plant- ALL of THIS came from that! The fruit that nourishes us, the beauty that pleases the eye, the texture that balms our flesh, that aroma that is pleasing to God…how important is that dried out, faded, useless seed? Even the least tended plants produce delicious fruit- they were created that way, just as we are.

Now, about that thing clinging on- it WILL detach. Sometimes it’s a bird who uses it for their nest in care for their young, sometimes it’s those glorified rats known as squirrels satisfying their curiosity, sometimes it’s a fierce storm blowing it away or softening it until it falls off…but sometimes it’s a diligent gardener, who comes behind us and lovingly prunes what we cannot reach- the dead ends, the unproductive vines, the wilting flowers. You see, the plant can control none of those things, but by nature, they have faith that it will be done for them. 
And so they grow.

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