God bless publishers and Wednesday morning Facebook Live videos. In a writer’s group this morning, my publisher is talking about over obligating ourselves. We feel that there is so much to do and if *I* don’t do it, it won’t get done. (Don’t lie- this is you, there is someone else to do it, you just want it done your way.) So we take this on and we take that on and we add it to our spinning plates, and by now we’ve got so many in the air that we have to look at every single one of them for every single second and OMG why won’t anyone help me with this??? Here’s what she said:

“If your answer is not HELL YES, it should be no.”

Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to step out of my business. Just kidding…kinda…okay not kidding. Why are we so possessive over what we can accomplish? Who is saying you can’t? Is it you or is it your peers…or is it God? Think of it this way: Your “yes” is taking away from your HELL YES! All of those dreams and visions and grand plans can’t be accomplished if you don’t have a free hand to hold it. Some of our dreams and plans take both hands because they are His plan for us. His provision says that your two hands are enough- God funds God’s plans. God paves the way for God’s plans. God knows God’s plans and intentions for you, even if you can’t see them clearly. It’s cool. He got this.

You know what else He’s got? The person for whom that one thing would have been a HELL YES! We take it on, not trusting, but He has someone for that job and your “yes” means its not you. And you know what? That’s okay. Because you totally have both hands on your HELL YES and you don’t have to worry about that other thing anymore.

This was confirmation for me. I have a dirty little secret. I don’t want to lead Cub Scouts anymore. There, I said it!! I tried to quit. No one stepped up and I thought, “What about the children??” and so I picked it back up. Like, I literally did nothing with it for four months and still felt obligated to do it so the kids wouldn’t miss out. I carried so much guilt for letting the kids down and even now, having a meeting last night, I didn’t do two classes (one for my team and the other is a #MondayMinutes and it’s now Wednesday *eyeroll*) I stress about paperwork and systems and coordinating and yet- it’s never done. You know what else isn’t done but it’s His job for me? My next book. Freedom sessions. His message being spoken into hurting hearts. People wandering and wondering what they’re getting wrong, why they can’t stay happy, “I gave this to Him and I trust Him! Why do I still feel like this??” kind of people. People anchored by roots they don’t even know that they have, and I’m over here stressing about Cub Scouts. For real.

Today, I choose to be thankful for clarity. I choose to be thankful for confirmation. I choose to make a conscious decision to give His plans first priority and let someone else have their HELL YES.

Credit: That advice was given to Marti by her friend, Laura. I don’t know Laura, but she must be super awesome for giving that kind of advice. We all need a Laura!

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